Final conference final Adaptaclima II. Press release.

Press release. Adaptaclima II. 1 December 2014

The final ADAPTACLIMA II conference, hosted by Committee of the Regions, will be held on 9 December in Brussels.

“ADAPTACLIMA II: adapting to the impacts of climate change in the SUDOE” is a  project in the Territorial Cooperation Programme Southwest Europe (SUDOE).

The aim is to contribute to understanding the effects of climate change from a territorial perspective, and help adapt to its impacts. This is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today, and involves all areas: environmental, economic and social.

ADAPTACLIMA II has been designed as a cluster initiative on climate change with potential impact on future environmental policies, in areas of research, design of training and awareness and application to business management. Pilot projects have been developed, shared and shaped to leverage the experience and skills of the project partners, seeking a transversal perspective. Capitalization groups have transferred the results to the different areas.

Nine project partners

have taken part in the project: Mancomunidad de Municipios Sostenibles de Cantabria (MMS Cantabria); Assessment Service. Environmental Information Network of Andalusia, part of the Department of the Environment in the Regional Government of Andalusia; Association for the Development of the Alagón Valley (ADESVAL); Iberian Association of Duero Riverbank Municipalities (AIMRD); Galician Institute of Housing and Land Xunta de Galicia; Neiker-Tecnalia Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Developmenthe; Association Climatologique de la Moyenne-Garonne et du Sud-Ouest (ACMG), Chambre d’Agriculture Dordogne; University of Trás‐os‐Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD); and asssociate member Faustino Group. Each of the members has developed innovative activities in their territories by opening new avenues for training and communication and generating strategic content within the SUDOE.

ADAPTACLIMA II celebrates its final conference, hosted by the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. The conference is designed as a forum for the presentation of the conclusions and results compiled by all the partners who have cooperated in the project, with the further objective of transferring these results to other regions in the European Union.

The final conference will be attended by representatives of the partners and several members of the European Commission, SUDOE Technical Secretariat and an expert and member of the IPCC. The session will be retransmitted by Webstreaming from the website of the Committee of the Regions.


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