III Seminar on Biomechanics promotes ‘Healthy Nature, Healthy People’

Healthy Ecosystems may provide some of the best all-round health and well-being benefits by increasing physical activity levels with lower levels of perceived exertion, altering physiological functioning including stress reduction, restoring mental fatigue and improving mood, self-esteem and perceived health.

The idea was highlighted on the 3rd Seminar on Biomechanics, Health and Sustainable Environment: Health Co-benefits of Climate Change Mitigation, from the ADAPTACLIMA II Project, that took place on 14th and 15 May, in the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.

The program included communications about climate changes and heat waves, canyoning, gps systems, human body diseases and performances, among others, and a poster presentation session.


seminario Biomecanica

The presentations were conducted by professors and students that explained the main conclusions achieved on studies related to Sports, Human Diseases, Human Rehabilitation and Accessibility Engineering, etc. considering the climate change scenarios.

The Seminar also included a leisure walk, with the slogan “Healthy Nature, Healthy People”, in Fisgas de Ermelo, (Alvão Nature Park), illustrating and discussing the role of the Centre for the Research and Technology of Agro-Environmental and Biological Sciences (CITAB) and of the ADAPTACLIMA II Project in getting people hooked on walking, health and natural heritage, preparing for a changing climate.


Book of Abstracts_2014

book of abstracts seminar biomechanic