Mancomunidad de Municipios Sostenibles de Cantabria

The Mancomunidad de Municipios Sostenibles de Cantabria (MMS) is a local supramunicipal institution constituted in 2000 to promote the implementation of sustainable policies for local and territorial development throughout its 17 municipalities (total population: 75,724). It provides services and programmes which –under the principle of equal opportunity– favour employability and citizens’ participation, and seek to achieve and consolidate a desirable equilibrium between human activity, economic development and care of the environment.

The MMS is currently implementing its 2011-2014 Action Plan entitled “Un Mismo Esfuerzo, Un Futuro Mejor” (A single effort, a better future) which was drafted with citizen participation according to the Agenda 21 process. One of these strategic lines –designated “Action against Climate Change”– integrates the Association’s strategy in response to climate change, and the “Adapting to Climate Change” programme.

The MMS is also a member of several networks:

  • Regional: Red Local de Sostenibilidad de Cantabria (RLSC), Red de Centros Sostenibles (RECESO), Red de Agentes de Empleo y Desarrollo Local (AEDL) and Cantabria Emprendedora.
  • National: Red de Redes de Desarrollo Local Sostenible, Red de Ciudades por el Clima o la Red de Gobiernos Locales por la Biodiversidad; Red TERRAE, Asociación Intermunicipal Territorios Reserva Agroecológicos.
  • European: the European Sustainable Cities campaign and the Civinet network in Spain and Portugal.

The MMS, as the lead partner, is responsible for coordinating, managing, communicating and monitoring the project. It will also be directly involved in running the laboratory for the implementation of measures designed to adapt to climate change in Protected Nature Areas in Cantabria.