Chambre d'agriculture de la Dordogne

The Chambre d’Agriculture de la Dordogne was created in the 1920s as the main mouthpiece for agricultural interests in dealing with public authorities. Since the 1960s it has actively contributed to the development of agriculture by assuming the public vocation previously provided by the State.

Today, this twofold mission covers the economic, social and environmental sphere, at the local, national and European level. The Cámara de Agricultura de Dordogne has a total of 100 employees in its head office in Périgueux and another five local offices offering technical support for farmers in all areas of expertise.

The Chambre d’Agriculture de la Dordogne was part of the Adaptaclima I project, and its continuation in this second phase was therefore a natural outcome in order to pursue its research into climate change in its territory and to optimise each partner’s results and experiences.

After conducting a detailed study of the effects of climate change and possible adaptations in two sectors in our country in the first phase of the project, the aim is now to extend this work to the whole of the region.

In addition to taking part in the joint meetings and actions within the Adaptaclima II project, the Chambre d’agriculture de la Dordogne will coordinate an action for the improvement of information systems for farmers for more effective management of water resources, as part of the capitalisation groups for the transfer of results to the business and agricultural sector.