The Iberian Association of Duero Riverbank Municipalities (AIMRD) is a non-profit association comprising 53 town councils and municipal chambers located along the river in Spain and Portugal, and the Duero Water Federation, a body assigned to the Spanish Ministry of the Environment.

The AIMRD has taken part in several European projects including Leonardo da Vinci, Article 10 of the FEDER, Culture 2000 Project, Equal Project. In INTERREG III C it was involved in two projects (Redes Union des Terres de Rivieres and Hidrosource, Sustainable Management of River Water Resources); in INTERREG III A it took part in the project Douro Virtual; in the SUDOE programme it participated in the SUD’EAU project. Currently, in addition to its involvement in ADAPTACLIMA II, it is also a partner in three projects within the POCTEP: FLUVIAL, RIET and MARCADUERO.

In ADAPTACLIMA II, the AIMRD will carry out specific actions for transfer within the capitalisation groups relating specifically to efficient and sustainable management in the riverside territories of the Duero, in collaboration with the University of Tras os Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD).

 Rio Fresno Limpieza