Cabecera REDIAM Junta Andalucia

The Environmental Information and Assessment Service. Environmental Information Network of Andalusia, part of the Department of the Environment in the Regional Government of Andalusia, is the body participating in the ADAPTACLIMA II project.

The Department of the Environment has extensive experience thanks to its involvement in projects within the sphere of European territorial cooperation. In the period 2007-2011, it has taken part in several Interreg projects (B and C), and in a number of projects in transnational and cross-border cooperation programmes, with over 20 candidacies. Specifically, it has been a partner in three INTERREG IV B-SUDOE projects: ADAPTACLIMA, PYROSUDOE and WAT.

In addition to its role in the joint coordination and action meetings, the Department of the Environment is responsible for implementing the two following pilot projects in ADAPTACLIMA II:

  • Regional application of the ADAPTACLIMA I methodology in Andalusia, and transfer of the results and experiences to the rest of the SUDOE space, by means of:
  • The creation of a multi-temporal map viewer of landscape changes caused by climate change in the partners’ SUDOE territories.