One of the greatest challenges facing the world today is understanding and adapting to the effects of climate change in all its environmental, economic and social dimensions.

Human-induced climate change is altering the composition of the atmosphere, and global warming is affecting sea levels, currents, ecosystems and coastlines, leading to climate extremes such as drought and flooding.

There is still considerable uncertainty about the implications of climate change and ecosystems’ response to it. The analyses and studies on this issue are no longer restricted to the scientific community, and have now become available to society as a whole.

conoce el proyecto newsletterThe aim of the ADAPTACLIMA II project is to ensure the practical application of this scientific knowledge through visible actions by all the agents engaged in the fight against climate change and in the processes of adapting to this phenomenon.

ADAPTACLIMA II stems from the need to highlight the importance of the studies, analyses, conclusions and recommendations derived from the ADAPTACLIMA projects and from other projects co-funded by SUDOE.

The aim is to generate a cluster of climate-change initiatives that will have repercussions on future environmental policies and on businesses, to promote innovative activities in the territories involved, to open up new citizen-centric channels for training and communications, and to generate strategic contents within the SUDOE space.

ADAPTACLIMA II will achieve this by launching a series of specific actions based on studies carried out in previous projects, deriving the maximum benefit from their products, results, conclusions and recommendations.

ADAPTACLIMA II is a cooperation project involving nine partners who have worked extensively with SUDOE programmes in this field.  We are a multidisciplinary team with a range of different profiles and backed by ample experience in numerous projects involving climate change issues.