The ADAPTACLIMA II project aims to become a reference for the field of climate change, and also seeks to disseminate the contribution of the programme and the FEDER Funds to policies for adapting to and mitigating climate change.

The activities are designed to target the general public, the scientific community, the business sector and the actors involved in climate change policies.

Synergy is guaranteed through the intercommunication of partners from other projects. The collective work on the Framework Action Plan and in the capitalisation groups is designed to achieve the following results:

  • To update, validate, compile and pool the combined knowledge on the issue of climate change obtained from the different ADAPTACLIMA II projects.
  • To integrate the results of the SUDOE projects and their practical application in several pilot actions and establish a joint action protocol for their deployment.
  • To capitalise the technical, socio-economic and educational outcomes of all the projects in ADAPTACLIMA II throughout the SUDOE space; to pool a critical mass of resources materialised in profitable and exploitable actions in their spheres of influence such as the business sector; to design policies that take into account the effects of climate change; and to raise awareness in the general population through actions for training and dissemination.
  • To convey climate change results (knowledge, best practices, tools and methodologies) to all the regions in the SUDOE by territory, activity sector and target public.
  • To establish the website as the main reference point and key tool.
  • To broadcast the impact of climate change, the ADAPTACLIMA II project, and the SUDOE programme.